Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the boracay 4000 peso challenge

okay, so i just got a good airfare deal from seair recently, a 625 peso round trip ticket to caticlan and i have booked myself on a super low season (september) which means i can really get good rates for everything.  and now the challenge to myself is on! the boracay 4000 peso budget challenge!

i am not going to spend more than 4000 pesos on this boracay trip. yep just 4000 pesos with water activities. sounds surreal aight? but i know i can do it :D i'll get back to y'all for an itemized account of the budget when i get back :)

yeah sobrang layo pa atatitat lang magplan hahahaha. i still have an upcoming ilocos and palawan trip before this boracay escapade so i need all the moolah and must save :D

1 meow:

Snow said...

Wow, going to Bora with 4000 challenge. I'm excited for you Pusa!

I've been to Palawan and Ilocos na kasi pero I've never been to Bora.

Aabangan ko ang update mo rito. :)


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