Monday, November 08, 2010

canon photomarathon 2010 - manila leg

i had a chance to be a part of the Canon Photomarathon 2010 event last saturday held at Hall1 of SMX, Mall of Asia, it was a really nice experience.  there were more than 1000 participants and big kudos to canon team for making this event successful, dami pang freebies. i didnt win any of the prizes pero winner na rin because they were too generous by just giving all the participants a canon ef lens mug for free, winner na rin. experience and exposure, will join again next year :)

i was too tired from running around mall of asia trying to capture photos for the themes hence when i submitted my entry for the third theme umalis na ko, not to go home but have a chill night out with friends at MOA rin hehehe... but browsing sa mga forums, i saw the winning photo... wow! deserving talaga yung big winner na si Jesse Abad ng 5D Mark II, also reading from the thread it seems that the winner left early rin, too bad he wasnt able to accept his prize on stage.

big crowd! aside fromthe canon event there were also tons of cosplayers for the UP AME thingy event and there were lots of cute and sexy girls and some anime characters i like

i must say commendable ang pag manage ng canon nun event, they were strict with the rules, participants were given 3 themes to shoot. for each theme they have allocated 2 hours shooting time and 30minutes downloading time. i was actually stumped when they gave the first theme, riddle type kasi and on top of that puyat and antok ako hahaha excuses, but really nahirapan ako magisip ng entry for the theme hahaha

Theme 1:
Deep and Wide, Peaks and Valleys Go
Inside or outside, all the places you know
Near or Far it doesn't matter
It's the view that counts to the photographer

Theme 2
Big or Small we come in different sizes
short or tall, we grow in spurts and phases
round and round the circle of life goes
when we stop only god knows

Theme 3
Happy, mad - sometimes we feel the blues
angry, glad- our moods are changing hues
up and down or lows and highs
when we close our eyes - surprise!

canon photomarathon 2010 grand winner photo (photo grabbed here)

there were a lot of  freebies at the event from their sponsors and they provided free lunch and dinner, but i didnt eat at the venue, haba kasi ng pila so i opted to just eat out and buy my own food... i think next time its better they provide packed lunch for the participants instead of having long queues at the buffet since 1000 people is a lot.

all in all it was a big successful event event. big kudos to canon, thanks and sa uulitin :)

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