Friday, October 22, 2010

sanrio small gift mobile pop up tour

the oh so kawaii mobile pop up truck that will be bringing the goodies!!

i love pinas! no doubt about it but  i would really really love to be in America right now! sigh! if there is one reason why i would reallly love love to visit or be in the US of A right now is because of this special small gift event from sanrio. they will only have a pop-up truck in selected states! ugh right now i'll just droool over these pictures!

Sanrio have come up with 50 specially selected "must-have" products for Small Gift! Some
are Sanrio classics and many are super-limited items and are only available at Small Gift events. And all are pretty special! Including:

* 50th Anniversary Collector's Book
* Special 50th GIRL Skateboard Deck
* Multi-Character Vinyl Figure Set
* 50th Anniversary Tote Bags & Wallets
* 90-Piece Multi-Character Mini Figure Set
* Multi-Character Bobbleheads
* 50th Anniversary Laptop Case
* iPhone 3G/4G Cases
* Tokidoki 50th Anniversary Tee
* Aerial 7 Headphones
* 50th Anniversary Mimobots

and the items that i really really wanna have from the list are:

hello kitty bobblehead

hello kitty lomography fisheye camera

hello kitty monopoly board game set

and a lot mawrrrr!!! if only i can have all of them!!!
here's the complete list of items they have, you can also download this here.

Sanrio's Small Gift Mobile Pop-Up Shop Tour will be stopping by these cities. location details and tour details:

Oct 23-24: San Francisco, CA
Oct 28: Portland, OR
Oct 30-31: Seattle, WA
Nov 6: San Diego, CA
Nov 7: Orange County, CA
Nov 13-14: Las Vegas, NV 
Nov 16: Tempe, AZ 
Nov 21: New Orleans, LA
Nov 26-28: Atlanta, GA
Dec 2-5: Miami, FL
Nov 4: Sacramento, CA
Nov 19: Austin, TX
Dec 10-11: New York City, NY

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