Thursday, September 23, 2010

sunshine corazon wearing hello kitty on GLEE

i haven't watched any single episode of GLEE even though the first season was so successful and most of my fb friends and co-workers cant stop talking about how beautiful and wonderful is GLEE. but even with the hype i havent bothered checking out the show... not until our very own charice pempengco was casted as sunshine corazon in Glee's season 2 which debuted yesterday and of course i wanted to check how charice fared in Glee.  well actually i havent watched the whole episode just the bits and pieces where charice had a showdown at the bathroom with the lead girl cast singing telephone. wow that was great though charice's acting was soo bad she was smiling the whole time while the other girl was making all the correct facial expressions. well charice is better known as a singer, hope she can improve her acting talents as well but oh boy she's really one talented kid. go watch the videos full version of the telephone and listen performances. awesome!

and yeah check out the telephone video, charice is wearing a hello kitty backpack!!! oh so kawaii  =^..^=
you can buy sunshine corazon's hello kitty backpack here at 

Glee - Charice Pempengco / Sunshine Corazaon Telephone full version

Glee - Listen - Sunshine Corazon audition piece at the Glee club

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Ssulja said...

Lol charice was smiling in that scene because while rachel was very intimidated by her, sunshine thought rachel was just playing a game with her. that's why she said at the end of the scene, "that was fun, when's auditions?" :P but ya in general she does need to work on her acting skills more.

I want that hello kitty backpack! that's why i came here to your site, i searched for "hello kitty backpack glee" on google :P


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