Friday, November 20, 2009

is she hot or hot?

with all the brouhahaha about the trilogy of Manny Pacquiao, Jinkee, and Krista Ranilo rocking the philippine blogosphere and traditional media... just confirmed my belief that all filipinos are chismoso at chismosa! yeah cheezmax to the max bwahahahaha cant remeber the last time people were abuzz talking bout other peoples lives hehehhe.

well anyway here's my take on the manny-krista-jinkee thingy: having money and fame kinda makes you a magnet for all temptation but having money and fame doesnt give you the right to give in to temptation.

oh well moving on... thanks to dj mo twister's newly opened blog (which is so awesome like the Dj he is you should really check out his blog and listen to his good times radio show) i found out about this hot chick named mocha. and oolahlah she had a kissing session with krista before the manny chismax went out... go check out mocha uson's blog for more photos and see her girl on girl action with krista.. wahahahaha

hmmm is krista hot? nah.. but mocha is! LOL

PS. i forgot to congratulate pacquiao on his awesome win over cotto! dang see now his triumph is being overshadowed by this scandal. people are now talking about krista and him instead of how he beated down cotto. oh well, he's still the greatest boxer i know though...

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Snow said...

Whoa, Krista kissed Mocha? hehehe...


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