Monday, June 22, 2009

iPhone 3.0

so have you upgraded your iPhone to iPhone OS 3.0 yet? i did, on the first day that the 3.0 came out. and so far i am loving the improvements in the new OS.

here's what i like in iPhone 3.0

1. my most favorite of these improvements is now you have an option to send MMS whereas before you have to be connected to the net either via wifi or gprs to be able to send photos and before you can only send photos thru email. thank god iPhone is now MMS capable.

2. the copy and paste feature

3. you can now forward text messages, before i cannot forward messages unless i retype it :)

4. you cano also send business cards or contact info from your address book

5. voice memos, now i can record those one liner from chelsea :) though i am still envious to the new iPhone 3GS because of its video capability

6. you can now do a mass or bulk sending or deleting of pictures, whereas before you had to send/delete photos one by one.

7. texting now allows landscape keyboard which is handy for those with big thumbs/fingers but come to think of it i like the standard setting because when texting on a landscape keyboard i can barely see the screen or what i typed.

for the complete list of iPhone 3.0 features click here. Please note that you need to update your iTunes first to ver 8.2 before you can install the OS 3.0. so what are you waiting for? update your iPhone now :)

4 meow:

Amor said...

naku ang hirap pala dati, pano kung gusto mo ifwd yung msg, kailangan mo pa i-retype. Mabuti ngayon pde ng mag fwd ng msgs.

Snow said...

oo nga amor, medyo complicated din pala ang iphone ano?

Kyels said...

I love the new OS ... It rocks!


fatherlyours said...

wow! kaka inggit naman ka! Pano pala i upgrade? Kasi ang boss ko hindi pa upgraded eh!


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