Sunday, April 05, 2009

monasterio de tarlac

Yesterday, i tagged along with my cousins in via crucis at tarlac and pampanga for bisita iglesia. last year, we visited churches at batangas which i've posted here before. i'll be posting our bisita iglesia in pampanga tomorrow or whenever but for now let me share with you the beautiful and holy place called monasterio de tarlac.
Monasterio de Tarlac in Barangay Lubigan in San Jose, Tarlac is the most revered pilgrimage site in Central Luzon on account of its spiritual prominence. 
The Church of the Risen Christ, which houses silver reliquary where the authentic fragment of the Wooden Cross or what they call the True Cross is located.  They hold mass to the public every saturday and sunday at 10AM.  while on mass or on ordianry days the altar is closed and after the mass, the public are allowed to kiss or touch the relic.
The reliquary is known to be the only one in the entire Asia. On Jan. 29, 2007, Msgr. Volker Bauer, brought the sacred relic to the Philippines, the sacred relic originally was from Europe but the churches there went radical changes and the relic found its way home to the Philippines were Catholic is the predominant religion.
this is the 30 foot statue of Jesus Christ (being called BRO) which can be seen while driving up to the mountain.

and the big status of Mama mary (being called Big Mama)
the monastery is located on top of the mountain and the road going up seems endless but and the place seems so far but i am telling you it is worth it. the place look so serene and so silent. i love the voice of the priest who held the mass when we visited.  monasterio de tarlac is one of the places you'd want to visit this coming holy week.
the place is beautifl and you get to see a nice mountain view, reminds me of of my visit to caleruega (which reminds me that i still have to post pictures of that place too)
the place have this kind of castle at the very top
fantastic view, i always feel relaxed when seeing beautiful nature, and the place have this calming effect too.
How to go to Monasterio De Tarlac? From Manila, take Luzon Expressway, exit at Sta. Ines Toll Plaza in Mabalacat. Proceed northward to Tarlac City (Side of Tarlac Cathedral), turn left and proceed at the back of McDonalds Tarlac (Aquino Highway), turn right and cross the Aquino bridge northward towards Camiling. Upon reaching Brgy. Tibag, (Tarlac City) turn left and follow the 36-kilometer backcountry but well-paved road to Brgy. Lubigan in San Jose, Tarlac. Drive up the zigzag concrete highway to the breath taking Monasterio De Tarlac Site.
meow with bro
meow little self being dwarfed by bro
meow castle
err the monastery's castle pala hehehe

PS. sorry if the pictures load a bit slower than usual, i wasnt able to resize the images

Monasterio De Tarlac
Tarlac Eco-Tourism Park
Brgy. Lubigan, San Jose, Tarlac

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fortuitous faery said...

wow...that's a majestic jesus statue! never heard about this church before!

have a nice holy week!

yami said...

Ang ganda ng lugar. I hope to visit these places one fine day. But for now, enjoy ko lang muna tingnan ang mga photographs mo. :-)

kyels said...

Wow, that's a huge statuette of the Virgin Mary.


Anonymous said...

wow!!! amazing...thanks for sharing... :)

Anonymous said...

wow!!! amazing...thanks for sharing... :)

Agnes said...

Thanks for i wish I can go there within this year... amazing talaga...

Anonymous said...

.,Its a nice place. honestly this is the place where i grew up.... Miss to live there. Hope to visit San Jose again soon. Proud to be a San Joseian. -Robycel


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