Wednesday, September 03, 2008

generation X, Y, or Z?

since i got a lot of comments on my blast from the past post, i figured that most of my readers or bloggers in general are within my age group :)

btw, the photo was taken at rizal park... do you remember when the in thing before or the place to be is at luneta (yes, i still call it luneta hehehe), do you remember when as a kid, you get really excited when your parents tell you to sleep early because you will go to luneta and have a picnic, have a grand time just watching the fountain and those skaters (uh huh it used to be a skating rink where lapu lapu statue stands now) ... and you know that after the picnic you'll visit manila zoo? well i did!

prove me wrong, or agree with my findings, please answer the poll in my sidebar... dont lie about your age please hehehe

4 meow:

Amor said...

nakapag vote na ako... ako pa lang ang nagbo-boat kaya obvious na obvious kung ano, hehe.

fortuitous faery said...

i voted too!

btw, i'd like to send you a "surprise" in the mail...will you give your mailing address to me? you can do so at my email:

pusa said...

@amor - hehehe di naman nahalata, pagsilip ko medyo dami na rin ang vote, at lalo lang naconfirm hinala ko halos kageneration natin ang mga bloggers :D

@fortuitous faery - thanks for voting :)

wow i love surprises, ano yun? hehehe

fortuitous faery said...

pusa, i didn't get any email from you about your mailing address! perhaps you misspelled my email? again, it's :)


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