Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Canon service center sucks!

Canon service center sucks!

Apparently these people from canon service center doesn’t really know what they are doing. I posted previously that I had a problem with my camera and brought it at canon center and they have “diagnosed” that my camera’s motherboard is already damaged and need to be replaced and in doing that I would need to pay 9258 pesos! Well, I pulled out my camera yesterday from canon because I am not stupid enough to pay that big amount for repair, I’d rather buy a new camera.

But still, I don’t want to give up that camera, so after work I brought the camera at photoline grand central for a second opinion. And this very nice lady accommodated me and started filling up forms for repair quoting that it might be around 1800-2500 pesos (a big difference from what canon is trying to get from me). After filling up the form she asked what is the exact problem, told her it’s the power thing, it doesn’t turn on (didn’t told her that the camera was already appraised as doom at canon), after hearing the problem, she tried putting in a new battery and lo and behold, my camera just came back to life with no problem at all! I was so happy that the camera is not broken and embarrassed at the same time coz it looked like I was stupid for not trying on a new battery! Imagine my relief after all the hassle and stress I had thinking that my camera is broken, that I don’t need to buy a new camera (just new rechargable batteries).

I expected a lot from canon service center. I totally believed them that my camera is fucked up …just to learn that their so called diagnosis is so fucking wrong! I even paid 250 pesos for that “consultation fee”. Who would have thought that they can do it wrong to think that they are the “establishment”? Is this the only incident that they made a huge mistake diagnosing a camera problem? Or has this been going on for a long time already and that its their modus operandi to suck money from their unknowing clients? What if I was gullible and had the money to pay for the 9528 and let them “repair” my camera?

I’ve called canon center already and reported the incident, they were, as expected very polite and apologetic with a promise that they will review the whole incident and get to know what happened. I was promised a refund of the 250 diagnostic fee and I demanded a letter of apology. In fairness, Monique, the girl I’ve spoken with seems competent enough, I just need action and to make sure that this incident will not happen again.

Maybe they should learn a thing or two from that girl at Photoline, to check first before saying that the camera is broken. Makes you wonder how experienced are these employees from canon? I even described the problem and what had happened to the camera but they didn’t even bother checking in or putting a new battery just accepted the camera and told me their standard checking time is 7days! I don’t think I’ll ever trust canon center ever again.

If you still want to visit their office, here's their address

Marvin Plaza Building 2153 Don Chino Roces Ave. (former Pasong Tamo), Makati City

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Kenneth said...

LOL sometimes batteries CAN be expensive but ....9500 hmmm I dont think so! Fools

Anonymous said...

just 5 months ago a friend of mine spended PHP 8,000 for his Canon repair, maked me think now if the repair is really that worth, how can you trust Canon after all these playing stupid thing from them? The products are good but 1 corrupted distributor, this is our country, messed up and still being messed up.

Anonymous said...

Canon's repair service is a racket. If something you bought from them breaks, your best bet is to just throw it away. I will never buy another Canon product due to bad experience with their repair center.

d3nz said...

hi can i know the location of photoline grand central...thanks...

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'll try to go there for a need of their service. My camera got a problem. I don't know how it happen but the cam are blank and I can't see any image. The problem is manuals are not available. Do I need to bring a manual if I go to the service center?

- jEsMa - said...

hi! my camera also had a little problem and i was wondering were the exact address of photoline grandcentral did you had your cam checked. If you don't mind can i know the address, i want to have my cam checked there to cause Canon has been asking a little more than what i expected..


pusa said...

@jesma - photoline is located at the lower ground floor of grand central, easy access from LRT monumento

goodluck hopefully ma-ok ang camera mo

Anonymous said...

hello, i just want to ask if you guys have any idea if the canon service center can repair may camera, natanggal kasi yung parang takip ng lens, nahulog e. thanks

Anonymous said...

mas ok dito...

Customer Care Centre - Mandaluyong
Ground Flr, Freedom Plaza
Retail Row, Unit 1& 2
Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City
Mon-Sun 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

----- ***sixSTAR general***

Patricio said...

Have been there in Canon twice for a digicam problem but both experiences are okay...You know guys, sometimes it will depend on the assistant assigned on the counter...that we need to be watchful.


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