Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I love reading. There are countless of stuff that I’ve got interested to and been fanatically doing for a certain period of time but that’s just it, the passion for that something or my fascination for it just dies. I just move on and try finding something else to do. But, if ever there is one thing in this world that I would never get tired of, it’s reading. Even if I’ll grow old, (if ever I’ll grow old at all) I’d still see myself reading, pouring in on any book, magazine, or any article that I could lay my hands on. From the moment I learned to read (my mother told me that I started reading at age 3 and never stopped asking for books with stories on it) I knew that I’ll love reading forever.

Books can bring you into a magical world of wonder; it lets you travel the whole world without leaving your seat. A book can isolate me, welcoming me inside a story and you’ll lost me in the pages… it doesn’t matter if I am in the center of a noisy crowd, all else becomes at stand still once I’m engrossed in a book… I’m encapsulated in that moment, where nothing else matters except the people and the location in my book. As what my beloved Lestat aptly said (from the Blackwood Farm novel) “…and books, they offer one hope -- that a whole universe might open up from between the covers, and faliing into that new universe, one is saved.”

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